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Variofix Classic bathroom drain

DN 70, horiz., Slotted grating, K 3

KESSEL Variofix Classic bathroom drain, length 312 mm, nominal size (DN) 70, outside diameter (OD) 75 mm, type of cover Slotted cover, cover width 95 mm, frame material ABS, socket lateral, Sealing water height 50 mm

  • Odour trap height: 50 mm
  • Lip seal fixed on the drain body
  • Side adjustable cover
Item no. 40170.50
GTIN 4026092029336
Price group 10

    Variofix Classic bathroom drain DN 70, horiz., Slotted grating, K 3
    The Classic bathroom drain is suitable for indoor floor drainage. The drain made of ABS is equipped with a telescopic, height-adjustable upper section made of polymer, a removable odour trap as well as a secure, reliably installed seal. Including upper section for combined waterproofing for alternative WP layer. Variant Waterproofing layer on the upper section: Enclosed sealing collar to be glued (bd) according to DIN 18534 Waterproofing layer on the drain body: Adhesive flange (suitable for moisture barriers) Water supply: W3-I Sealing water height: 50 mm Discharge rate (l/s) with 20 mm backwater: 0,8 General characteristics Standard: EN 1253-1 Nominal size (DN): 70 Outer diameter (OD): 75 mm Dimensions Vertical adjustment: 45 - 110 mm Net weight: 0,94 kg Gross weight: 1,16 kg Cutout dimension, width: 180 mm Cutout dimension, length: 220 mm Vertical adjustment: vertically adjustable upper section Length: 312 mm Width: 312 mm Packaging dimension: length: 390 mm Packaging dimension: width: 190 mm Packaging dimension: height: 310 mm Tank/drain body Number of outlets: 1 Material of drain body: ABS System: lateral Coverage features Type of cover: Slotted cover Cover material: Stainless steel 14301 Colour of cover: silver Width of cover: 95 mm Length of cover: 95 mm Surface: Polished SST Frame material: ABS Cover locking: placed Load class: K 3 (EN 1253-1) Rim length: 132 mm Rim material: 132 mm Shape of upper section: square Upper section material: ABS Odour trap: included
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      Title Item no.  
      Title Item no.  
    Extension section System 100, H: 161 mm 27146 Show
    Sludge bucket d: 110 mm 27168 Show
    Extension section System 100, with pressure sealing flange 27198 Show
    Extension section System 100, with glued flange 27199 Show
    Odour trap Multistop, System 100 43500 Show
    Hair filter Polymer, for System 100 bathroom drains 43700 Show
    KESSEL System 100 glue flange 47900 Show
    Installation adhesive 2C installation mortar 48650 Show
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    Slotted cover 95x95 mm, SST 27151 Show
    Odour trap Sealing water height 50 mm 47200 Show
    • Nominal size (DN) (nennweite): 70
    • Material of drain body (material_grundkoerper): ABS
    • Cover material (abdeckung_material): Stainless steel 14301
    • Frame material (rahmen_material): ABS
    • Upper section material (material_aufsatzstueck): ABS
    • System (stutzen_ausfuehrung): lateral
    • Type of cover (abdeckungsart): Slotted cover
    • (abdichtung_am_Grundkoerper):
    • (form_Aufsatzstueck):