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Aqualift S Compact lift stat.

Tronic, GTF1200 res., Floor slab, tile.

KESSEL Aqualift S Compact lift stat. Tronic, wastewater without sewage, floor slab installation, with a submersible GTF 1200 resistant pump, level measurement Immersion pipe, type of cover tileable cover plate, silver grey

  • Space-saving due to installation in floor slab with integrated drainage function
  • Easy retrofitting from Mono to Duo possible
  • Quiet operation, as the pump installation does not cause any structure-borne sound emissions.
Item no. 281250XC
GTIN 4026092093726
Price group 20

Aqualift S Compact lift stat. Tronic, GTF1200 res., Floor slab, tile.
The ready to plug in lifting station for faecal-free wastewater is equipped with one or two submersible pumps and a backflow preventer. The collection tank made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) has an open pump tank. One-handed closures enable easy removal of the integrated components. The system for installation in the floor slab is preassembled for final installation on site. Variant Type of system: Single unit Resistant: Resistant to saline media, wastewater from water softening systems and wastewater containing condensate from heating systems Pump control: Control unit Backflow preventer: integrated General characteristics Colour: black Standard: EN 12050-2 Type of wastewater: without sewage Installation situation: floor slab installation Delivery state: Installation-ready (connection parts must be connected on site) System type: Tronic Dimensions Net weight: 17,82 kg Gross weight: 19,32 kg Groundwater resistant from lower edge of base section: 3000 mm Installation depth: 490 - 620 mm Type of height adjustability: vertically adjustable upper section Length: 617 mm Width: 585 mm Packaging dimension: length: 600 mm Packaging dimension: width: 600 mm Packaging dimension: height: 480 mm Tank/drain body Pressure pipe connection (DN): 32 Pressure pipe connection (OD): 40 mm Inlet nominal size (DN): 100 mm Pumping volume: 20 l Tank volume: 65 l Coverage features Type of cover: tileable cover plate Cover material: Polymer Colour of cover: silver grey Width of cover: 366 mm Length of cover: 366 mm Drainage function: yes Locking: Lock & Lift Load class: K 3 (EN 1253-1) Max. flooring height: 16 mm Pumping device Pump: GTF 1200 resistant Number of pumps: 1 Weight, pump: 10 kg Connection type: coded plug Rated current: 6,2 A Length of mains cable for pump: 5 m Protection class: I Insulation class: F Protection class (pump): IP 68 (3m) Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C Hot water resistance for a short time (2 min): 80 °C Max. pumping capacity: 15,5 m³/h Max. pumping height: 9 m Speed: 2650 U/min Power P1: 1,4 kW Power P2: 0,84 kW Operating mode: S1 Type of fuse required (electrical protection): C 16 A Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 3G 1.5 mm² Impeller type: Multi-vane impeller Free passage: 30 mm Control Control unit: Comfort Control unit function: With alarm message Motor protection switch: yes Alarm sensor: optical probe Level measurement instrument: Immersion pipe Type of level measurement: pneumatic Protection class control unit: IP 54 Mains frequency: 50 Hz Operating voltage: 230 V Connection type: coded plug Length of mains cable for control unit: 1,4 m Potential-free contact: optional GSM interface: yes USB interface: yes Log book function: yes Multi-line display: yes Battery buffering: yes Self-diagnosis system (SDS): yes Warning equipment version: acoustic and optical signal Rated current: 6,2 A
  Title Item no.  
  Title Item no.  
  Title Item no.  
Remote signal generator 20 m cable, 2x0.75 q 20162 Show
Basic alarm unit with electronic probe 20222 Show
Basic alarm unit with optical probe 20223 Show
Adapter DN 50/70 27126 Show
Adapter DN 100/70 27602 Show
Retrofit kit Alarm float switch 28016 Show
Pressure pipe set 5 m pressure hose, DA 40 mm 28040 Show
Compressor set for air bubbling 28048 Show
Pressure pipe set with 5 m pressure hose, DA 50 mm 28062 Show
Adapter for pressure pipe connection, DN 32, PE 28086 Show
TeleControl GSM modem for Comfort control units 230V/400V 28792 Show
Aerial with magnetic base for TeleControl Modem, Cable 2.5 m 28793 Show
Extension cable for aerial with magnetic base, L: 2 m 28794 Show
Inlet socket DN 50, with seal, Threaded ring 39005 Show
Inlet socket DN 70, with seal, Threaded ring 39007 Show
Inlet socket DN 100, with seal, Threaded ring 39100 Show
Odour trap Multistop, System 125 48500 Show
Odour trap Megastop 48550 Show
Hair filter Polymer, for System 125 bathroom drains 48700 Show
Hole saw for DN 50/70/100 500101 Show
Pressure hose Sold by the metre, 6x4 mm 100 680071 Show
Odour trap for The Ultraflat 79 680696 Show
Drain body for cover plate for odour trap 50 mm, black 680795 Show
Drain body for cover plate for Multistop, black 680796 Show
Drain body for cover plate for odour trap 50 mm, grey 680797 Show
Drain body for cover plate for Multistop, grey 680798 Show
Potential-free contact Additio. circuit board for control units 80072 Show
Potential-free contact Extension set for control units Basic 80074 Show
Cable accessories 80889 Show
Cable accessories 80891 Show
Cover plate surface water resistant, black 366x366mm 830050 Show
Cover plate surface water resistant, tileable 830052 Show
Extension section H: 200 mm 83070 Show
Extension piece with flange&counterfl. 83073 Show
Extension section H: 360 mm, with central flange 83075 Show
Waterproof concrete install. kit OD: 40 mm, for building contractors 83077 Show
Seal for pipe penetration, DN 50 850114 Show
Seal for pipe penetration, DN 70 850116 Show
Seal for pipe penetration, DN 100 850117 Show
  Title Item no.  
Splash guard set for optical probe 28706 Show
Control unit Comfort Mono 230V 28731 Show
Inlet socket DN 50, with seal, Threaded ring 39005 Show
Locking key for Ecoguss slotted gratings,Lock & Lift 67007 Show
One-handed closure for backflow preventer 680018 Show
Battery 9 V block 680034 Show
Pressure hose Sold by the metre, 6x4 mm 100 680071 Show
Seal for upper section, from 07/2014 680150 Show
Cover tileable, Lock & Lift, ABS 680224 Show
Pump connection with seal and flap 680475 Show
Release key for Lock & Lift 680702 Show
Pressure pipe connection with seal and screws 680758 Show
Pump connection Minilift, Aqualift S 680760 Show
Flap housing Mono, with pump connector 680761 Show
Turn fastener for pump connection lock 680762 Show
Pump hanger for Aqualift S Compact, Mono, GTF 1200 680772 Show
Immersion pipe level measurement for Aqualift S Compact 680776 Show
Fixing for immersion pipe for Aqualift S, Fastening clip, Screw 680777 Show
Fixing for sensor for Aqualift S, Fastening clip, Screw 680778 Show
Replacement pump GTF 1200 resistant, without float switch 680952 Show
Seal for cover plate, System 330 mm 686114 Show
Spare part set optical probe 80888 Show
Adapter Set optical probe 80892 Show
Cover plate 830054 Show
Upper section system 400 830065 Show
  • CE marking (ce_kennzeichnung): yes
  • Type of wastewater (abwasserart_de): without sewage
  • Control unit (schaltgeraet): Comfort
  • Cover material (abdeckung_material): Polymer
  • TÜV test mark (pruefzeichen): ID 1111241937
  • Installation situation (einbausituation): floor slab installation
  • Type of cover (abdeckungsart): tileable cover plate
  • Load class (belastungsklasse): K 3 (EN 1253-1)
  • Pump (pumpe): GTF 1200 resistant
  • (ausfuehrung):