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EasyClean free Direct grease separator

The uncomplicated solution for exposed installation.

TheEasyClean free Direct is equipped with a direct disposal pipe, to which a permanently installed disposal pipe can be connected. Via this pipe, the tank can be easily emptied with the pump of the disposal vehicle, without having to be opened. It is preferably cleaning and rinsed with hot water through the maintenance openings. 

The grease separator is available in nominal sizes NS 2 to NS 10, which is sufficient for most businesses such as restaurants and hotels. It is also available in nominal sizes NS 15 to NS 30 for larger volumes of wastewater. In addition, we also offer individual solutions for specific requirements and installation situations.

Advantages  Article overview

The EasyClean free Direct offers the following advantage:

  • Direct disposal: Disposal via the direct disposal pipe – without opening the tank.

The KESSEL range includes even more grease separators with further advantages.

100 % corrosion-free – 20-year guarantee

Our grease separators are made of polyethylene. That makes them resistant to aggressive fatty acids and they are therefore particularly durable. Trust in KESSEL quality: In addition to the statutory provision, we provide a 20-year warranty with regard to the leak tightness, fitness for purpose and structural stability of tanks and upper sections.


The SonicControl automatic layer thickness measuring device with ultrasound sensor precisely monitors the temperature and thickness of the grease layer in grease separators. Owners/operating companies can verify the actual quantity of grease produced to the relevant authorities and optimise the necessary disposal cycles outside of standard requirements.

More information

Changeover socket

The flow direction can easily be changed on site thanks to the self-sealing changeover socket. A distinction no longer needs to be made between the “direction of flow right” or “direction of flow left” variants – making the design much easier.

Important: Stricter limit values!

When grease separators are used, the wastewater at the outlet has a residual value of lipophilic materials of about 300 mg/L. If the municipalities specify a limit value below 300 mg/L, biological grease treatment with a Bifena unit is necessary.

BIFENA biological grease treatment

EasyClean free Direct

SonicControl: no

Refill inlet in accordance with DIN 1988: no

Inlet nominal size (DN) Nominal size (NS) Inspection window Item no.
93002.01/D 100  MMT 2 no 93002.01/D
93002.21/D 100  MMT 2 yes 93002.21/D
93003.01/D 100  MMT 3 no 93003.01/D
93003.21/D 100  MMT 3 yes 93003.21/D
93004.01/D 100  MMT 4 no 93004.01/D
93004.21/D 100  MMT 4 yes 93004.21/D
93007.01/D 150  MMT 7 no 93007.01/D
93007.21/D 150  MMT 7 yes 93007.21/D
93010.01/D 150  MMT 10 no 93010.01/D
93010.21/D 150  MMT 10 yes 93010.21/D
93015.01/D 200  MMT 15 no 93015.01/D
93020.01/D 200  MMT 20 no 93020.01/D
93025.01/D 200  MMT 25 no 93025.01/D
93030.01/D 250  MMT 30 no 93030.01/D
93035.01/D 250  MMT 35 no 93035.01/D
93040.01/D 250  MMT 40 no 93040.01/D
93050.01/D 250  MMT 50 no 93050.01/D

Refill inlet in accordance with DIN 1988: yes

Inlet nominal size (DN) Nominal size (NS) Inspection window Item no.
93002.11/D 100  MMT 2 no 93002.11/D
93002.31/D 100  MMT 2 yes 93002.31/D
93003.11/D 100  MMT 3 no 93003.11/D
93003.31/D 100  MMT 3 yes 93003.31/D
93004.11/D 100  MMT 4 no 93004.11/D
93004.31/D 100  MMT 4 yes 93004.31/D
93007.11/D 150  MMT 7 no 93007.11/D
93007.31/D 150  MMT 7 yes 93007.31/D
93010.11/D 150  MMT 10 no 93010.11/D
93010.31/D 150  MMT 10 yes 93010.31/D

SonicControl: yes

Refill inlet in accordance with DIN 1988: no

Inlet nominal size (DN) Nominal size (NS) Inspection window Item no.
93002.02/D 100  MMT 2 no 93002.02/D
93002.22/D 100  MMT 2 yes 93002.22/D
93003.02/D 100  MMT 3 no 93003.02/D
93003.22/D 100  MMT 3 yes 93003.22/D
93004.02/D 100  MMT 4 no 93004.02/D
93004.22/D 100  MMT 4 yes 93004.22/D
93007.02/D 150  MMT 7 no 93007.02/D
93007.22/D 150  MMT 7 yes 93007.22/D
93010.02/D 150  MMT 10 no 93010.02/D
93010.22/D 150  MMT 10 yes 93010.22/D

Refill inlet in accordance with DIN 1988: yes

Inlet nominal size (DN) Nominal size (NS) Inspection window Item no.
93002.12/D 100  MMT 2 no 93002.12/D
93002.32/D 100  MMT 2 yes 93002.32/D
93003.12/D 100  MMT 3 no 93003.12/D
93003.32/D 100  MMT 3 yes 93003.32/D
93004.12/D 100  MMT 4 no 93004.12/D
93004.32/D 100  MMT 4 yes 93004.32/D
93007.12/D 150  MMT 7 no 93007.12/D
93007.32/D 150  MMT 7 yes 93007.32/D
93010.12/D 150  MMT 10 no 93010.12/D
93010.32/D 150  MMT 10 yes 93010.32/D