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Cleaning closures for drainage pipes

Area of use & product types

What is a cleaning closure?

Cleaning closures are similar to floor drains, but their primary purpose is not to discharge wastewater. They are mainly used to equip wastewater drainage pipes with sealable openings. They are generally sealed by a waterproof cover plate. This can be unscrewed to clean and maintain the drainage pipe or to temporarily discharge water into them.

Types of cleaning closures

KESSEL cleaning closure


  • For underground pipes
  • Without drain body 
  • With or without odour trap
Cleaning drains


  • For underground pipes
  • With drain body, upper section and pipes, optional extension section 2 
  • With odour trap
Staufix cleanout


  • For underground or exposed pipes
  • With quick-release closure for opening without tools
  • Can be upgraded into a backwater valve

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Our cleaning closures

We offer a large number of cleaning closures for the easy cleaning of wastewater pipes. You will find an overview of these in a short and clearly laid out brochure.

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