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Aqualift F XL, 450 L lift. stat.

Duo, SPF 4500-S1, Cast-iron shut-off val

KESSEL Aqualift F XL, 450 L lift. stat. Duo, wastewater with sewage, duo pump, 400 V, shut-off valve Shut-off valve made of cast iron, with 2 submersible SPF 4500 pumps, sound absorption mat yes, alarm generator with Immersion pipe, operating mode S1

  • Different performance classes available
  • Pressure sensor for reliable pneumatic level measurement
  • Maximum operating reliability due to intelligent control unit (Duo)
Item no. 11127
GTIN 4026092057940
Price group 50

Aqualift F XL, 450 L lift. stat. Duo, SPF 4500-S1, Cast-iron shut-off val
The lifting station for faecal and faecal-free wastewater is equipped with one or two submersible pumps and a backflow preventer. The collection tank made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) offers universal connection options and has a screwed access cover. Variant Type of system: duo pump Shut-off valve: Shut-off valve made of cast iron Retaining bracket for the lift protection: yes Tested sound insulation as per test report: yes Rim width: Control unit Backwater protection: integrated Pressure pipe connection: vertical General characteristics Colour: black Standard: EN 12050-1 Type of wastewater: with sewage Installation situation: free-standing installation Delivery state: Installation-ready (electrical components, connection parts must be connected on site) System type: Duo Dimensions Net weight: 230 kg Gross weight: 250 kg Length: 1260 mm Width: 1089 mm Height: 1027 mm Packaging dimension: length: 1650 mm Packaging dimension: width: 1150 mm Packaging dimension: height: 890 mm Tank/drain body Pressure pipe connection (DN): 80 Pressure pipe connection (OD): 90 mm Connection for manual diaphragm pump (DN): 32 Venting connection (DN): 70 Number of inlets: 200 mm Inlet nominal size (DN): 110 mm Inlet nominal size (DN): 100 mm Inlet type: 1 Pumping volume: 250 l Tank volume: 450 l Pumping device Pump control: SPF 4500 Number of pumps: 2 Weight: 26 kg Connection type: Direct connection Rated current: 7,5 A Length of mains cable for pump: 5 m Self-diagnosis system (SDS): I Insulation class: F Cos phi - power factor: 0,85 Protection class control unit: IP 68 (3m/48h) DSC: integrated Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C Max. pumping capacity: 55 m³/h Max. pumping height: 20 m Speed: 2850 U/min Power P1: 4,2 kW Power P2: 3,5 kW Operating mode: S1 Type of fuse required (electrical protection): 3 x C 25 A Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 7G 1.5 mm² Impeller type: Multi-vane impeller Free passage: 40 mm Control Control unit: Comfort Motor protection switch: yes Alarm sensor: Immersion pipe Level measurement instrument: Immersion pipe Type of level measurement: pneumatic Protection class probe: IP 54 Operating voltage: 400 V Connection type: Direct connection Potential-free contact: yes GSM interface: yes Log book function: yes Multi-line display: yes Battery buffering: yes Self-diagnosis system (SDS): yes Rated current: 7,5 A
  Title Item no.  
  Title Item no.  
  Title Item no.  
Remote signal generator 20 m cable, 2x0.75 q 20162 Show
Alarm float switch upgrade set Aqualift 28014 Show
Cast iron connection adaptor DA 110 28020 Show
Backflow preventer DN 80 28021 Show
Compressor set for air bubbling 28048 Show
DN 80 F-section flange – 90mm spigot end 28067 Show
Flange adapter DN 80 to DN 100, Grey iron 28068 Show
Screw set for moulded parts DN80/DN100, M16x65 28078 Show
Flexible coupling DN 80, L: 200 mm 28662 Show
Flexible coupling DN 100, for pressure pipes made of PE 28663 Show
Shut-off valve DN 80, Polymer, horizontal 28682 Show
Shut-off valve DN 100, Polymer, horizontal 28683 Show
Shut-off valve DN 100, Polymer 28698 Show
Shut-off valve DN 150, Polymer 28699 Show
Flange joint DN 100, for polymer fittings 28712 Show
Flange joint DN 80, for polymer fittings 28713 Show
Flange adapter DN 80, for polymer fitting 28714 Show
Shut-off valve DN 80, Polymer, vertical 28715 Show
Shut-off valve DN 80, Polymer, vertical with flange 28716 Show
TeleControl GSM modem for Comfort control units 230V/400V 28792 Show
  Title Item no.  
Alarm float switch upgrade set Aqualift 28014 Show
Backflow preventer DN 80 28021 Show
Gate closure valve DN 80 28041 Show
Y-coupling for use Aqualift F XL cast ir 28042 Show
Sealing gasket (rubber) DN 80 28043 Show
Immersion pipe, 5 m hose 28050 Show
Replacement set pump flange 28051 Show
Pump motor SPF 4500 / 400 V S1 28063 Show
Replacement flap backwater valve DN80 28074 Show
Comfort control unit 400V, Aqualift Duo, 2x6.3-10.0 A 28783 Show
Seal Rolling ring, DN 100 680001 Show
Seal DN 150 680003 Show
Battery 9 V block 680034 Show
Seal Pump flange 680045 Show
Attachment bracket with screws (2 ea.) 680046 Show
Screw set galvanised, 14 each 680047 Show
Pump flange SPF 1400 - SPF 4500 680050 Show
Seal for SPF 1400 - SPF 4500 680052 Show
Cleaning cover screwed, DN 160 680421 Show
  • CE marking (ce_kennzeichnung): yes
  • Type of wastewater (abwasserart_de): with sewage
  • Control unit (schaltgeraet): Comfort
  • TÜV test mark (pruefzeichen): ID 1111241940
  • Installation situation (einbausituation): free-standing installation
  • Pump control (pumpe): SPF 4500
  • Impeller type (laufrad_typ): Multi-vane impeller
  • Shut-off valve (absperreinrichtung): Shut-off valve made of cast iron