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Practicus floor drain press.seal.

DN 70, vertical, Design grating

KESSEL Practicus floor drain press.seal., cover length 120 mm, socket vertical, nominal size (DN) 70, odour trap included, type of cover Design cover, design cover Kessel, waterproofing layer upper section by Connection flange

  • Hygiene: hygienic, absolutely corrosion-free and durable material
  • Sound insulation: outstanding sound insulation effect confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute
  • Fire protection: combinable with the Fire-Kit for fire and smoke protection
Item no. 45279.63
GTIN 4026092052587
Price group 10

    Practicus floor drain press.seal. DN 70, vertical, Design grating
    The Practicus polymer floor drain is used for point drainage and is equipped with a pressure sealing flange as well as a removable odour trap, a lip seal and a temporary protective cover. Including telescopic height-adjustable upper section made of ABS. The drain meets particular sound insulation requirements in accordance with the measurements of the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. The pressure sealing flange with bolts and screws made of stainless steel is used for the clamping or welding of bitumen and polymer bitumen sheets as well as for polymer and elastomer sealing sheets. The outlet socket is suitable for connection to SML cast iron pipes. With connection option for equipotential bonding. Variant System: 125 Waterproofing layer on the upper section: Connection flange Waterproofing layer on the drain body: Press sealing flange (suitable for creating watertight seals) Sealing water height: 50 mm Discharge rate (l/s) with 20 mm backwater: 1,9 General characteristics Standard: EN 1253-1 Nominal size (DN): 70 Outer diameter (OD): 75 mm Inlet max. scoring (DN): Z-19.53-2414,Z-19.17-1719 Dimensions Net weight: 2,65 kg Gross weight: 3,28 kg Vertical adjustment: vertically adjustable upper section Length: 273 mm Width: 273 mm Packaging dimension: length: 400 mm Packaging dimension: width: 300 mm Packaging dimension: height: 400 mm Tank/drain body Number of outlets: 1 Material of drain body: PP System: vertical Coverage features Type of cover: Design cover Cover material: Stainless steel 14301 Colour of cover: silver Width of cover: 120 mm Height of cover: 16 mm Length of cover: 120 mm Surface: ground Frame material: Stainless steel 14301 Cover locking: Lock & Lift Load class: L 15 (EN 1253-1) Grating colour: Kessel Slip resistance class: R9 according to DIN 51130; C according to DIN 51097 Rim length: 132 mm Rim material: 132 mm Upper section: vertically adjustable Shape of upper section: square Upper section material: ABS Odour trap: included
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      Title Item no.  
      Title Item no.  
    Fire protection insert Fire-Kit 100, for DN 50, 70, 80 48099 Show
    Fire protection insert Fire-Kit 100, for DN 100 48100 Show
    Extension section H: 140 mm, with glued flange 48403 Show
    Extension section H: 147 mm, with pressure sealing flange 48404 Show
    Extension section H: 120 mm, with glued flange 48900 Show
    Extension section H: 136 mm, without inlet 48987 Show
    Extension section H: 136 mm, with side inlet DN 50 48989 Show
    Quick-Fit with fire protection insert 48990 Show
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    Odour trap for Practicus, Ecoguss, Ferrofix 27169 Show
    Practicus drain body Press. fl., DN 70, Vertical outlet 45279 Show
    Upper section Kessel des cov, 304 SST, Lock&Lift, L15 48201 Show
    Ecoguss pressure sealing flange System 125, incl. fixing clips 48407 Show
    Design cover Oval, Lock & Lift 680225 Show
    Design cover KESSEL, Lock & Lift 680226 Show
    Design cover Cross, Lock & Lift 680235 Show
    Design cover Parade, Lock & Lift 680236 Show
    Design cover Festival, Lock & Lift 680237 Show
    Design cover Spot, Lock & Lift 680238 Show
    Design cover Slot, Lock & Lift 680239 Show
    Design cover Sticks, Lock & Lift 680240 Show
    Release key for Lock & Lift 680702 Show
    • Nominal size (DN) (nennweite): 70
    • Material of drain body (material_grundkoerper): PP
    • Cover material (abdeckung_material): Stainless steel 14301
    • Frame material (rahmen_material): Stainless steel 14301
    • Upper section material (material_aufsatzstueck): ABS
    • System (stutzen_ausfuehrung): vertical
    • Load class (belastungsklasse): L 15 (EN 1253-1)
    • Odour trap (geruchsverschluss): included
    • Waterproofing layer on the upper section (abdichtung_aufsatzstueck): Connection flange